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If you need to contact the Supervisor, Clerk, or Treasurer, please call 231-867-3777 and leave a detailed message or email: Bryan@Chippewatwp.orgKristin@Chippewatwp.org, or Julie@Chippewatwp.org.

Chippewa Township is located in the county of Mecosta, in the Central Michigan area of the Lower Peninsula. It is roughly an hour north of Grand Rapids and 45 minutes west of Mount Pleasant. The township is both a rural agricultural and recreational community. Chippewa Township is the home of Chippewa Lake, the largest natural lake in Mecosta County. From boating to swimming to fishing to snowmobiling, all-sport Chippewa Lake has plenty to offer locals and visitors, year-round. If you are a fan of small lakeside towns and lots of open country, Chippewa Township is waiting for you!